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ACHIEVE! Christian Academy

Where critical thinking happens

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Location:  St. Cloud, MN


Welcome To Achieve! Christian Academy

Achieve! Christian Academy offers one day per week in-person homeschool classes to high school students in the St. Cloud, MN area that teaches students HOW to think.  If you are ready for a different educational model for your high school student(s) who desire critical thinking skills, Achieve! Christian Academy may be the right choice for you. Achieve! Christian Academy is where critical thinking happens.
Classes are designed for students to ask questions and develop deep critical thinking skills. Class discussions and engagement will help the student to think deeper which also improves memory of the subject matter. Our focus this year is on American History, Government and Literature, digging deep into historical documents, including the Constitution and Bill of Rights.   All courses are taught from a biblical worldview, where God is the Master of all subjects.