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ACHIEVE! Christian Academy

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Location:  St. Cloud, MN


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Achieve! Christian Academy is a complete full-year homeschool academy where students will be able to earn 7 full credits by the end of the academic year.  In-person classes meet one time per week for 32 weeks (16 weeks per semester) where the director presents the material, answers questions, facilitates class discussion to develop critical thinking skills, assigns work for the student to complete at home for the remainder of the week and encourages students and parents through their high school homeschool journey. 
Achieve! Christian Academy gives parents the ability to homeschool their high school student without being fully immersed in the time and commitment it takes to lesson plan, introduce material, choose curriculum, etc. Students have a place to interact with his/her peers once a week in a rigorous Christian program that develops their critical thinking skills and is held accountable to complete their work on time and to the best of their ability. All at a very modest cost and just a small fraction of the cost compared to private schools.
All classes are taught through a biblical worldview. Students have the opportunity to earn 7 full high school credits.  Achieve! Christian Academy is located in the private home of its' director and family in St. Cloud, MN.  It is a maskless academy and will not at any time require masks to be worn, nor are any vaccines required for attendance.   If students are sick, they are to stay home until they are well and are no longer contagious.  Class size is limited to 12 students.